Municipality Malko Tarnovo is located in the southern part of the Burgas region. The area of the municipality is 798.5 sq. km, making it the third largest municipality in Burgas region. Malko Tarnovo borders the municipalities: Sredets, Sozopol, Primorsko and Tsarevo, and Republic of Turkey to the south.The municipality of Malko Tarnovo falls entirely within the Nature park "Strandzha" and many protected areas under NATURA 2000.

The geographical characteristics and spatial development of municipality Malko Turnovo (located in Strandzha Mountain and in the valleys of the rivers Veleka and Rezovska and their tributaries) are a prerequisite for settlement of various civilizations since ancient times. The cultural heritage of the region is the result of layering of past civilizations and eras that have specific memory and identity in place.

The main river is Veleka which flows through the middle of the municipality from the west to the east and divides it into two halves. Here she receives two main tributaries of the Mladezhka river and Ayder and many smaller ones. Here passes also Rezovska river and Kiten river. The rivers flow into the Black Sea, enabling transportation of marine litter which is non-biodegradable and seriously damages the living organisms and might threaten the biodiversity. The current project directs the efforts of the partners to preserving the environment and reduction of the marine litter.

The activities included in MARLENA project are aimed at environmental protection measures through the introduction of a separate waste collection system. The envisaged activities are in line with the main priorities of the National Waste Management Program, such as reducing the harmful impact of waste by preventing its formation and encouraging its reuse, increasing the quantities of recycled and recovered waste, reclamation of land and cleaning up old waste pollutions.